My detours and shortcuts

Exploring and observing everything around me is my thing. I have wandered on my fair share of winding paths. I have lived in between five and nine countries (depending on how you count), spent months and months traveling to well over fifty of the world’s nations and moved house/apartment/room at least thirty or so times over the years. I just can’t sit still. Surprisingly enough though, I have actually lived in a small corner of Southern Sweden for over eight years now. I guess it works because I constantly travel in my job. Or maybe I am just getting older and lazier.

I will go pretty much anywhere once, but I adore Italy and go there at least twice a year to fill up on delicious food, awesome coffee, sparkling Prosecco and inspiration. I also always enjoy going back to the USA, as well as almost anywhere else that is warmer than Sweden (which doesn’t leave out many countries!).

Writing has always been my passion and I have been doing it since I was about twelve. It’s something I need to do no matter what, for work or for myself. Professionally, I have done everything from running a bar in the Caribbean to trying to manage a team of wild twenty-somethings at an IT company in Barcelona. Most of the time though, my work has been rooted in communication and marketing. I have also spent almost fifteen years recruiting and coaching staff and students, helping them to find the right paths in their lives and careers. Although I was often drifting around in my own life, working on and studying all kinds of unrelated subjects and projects, I always found it easy to coach and guide others in their lives. Or maybe that is exactly why I can do it. Those who can’t do, teach. Isn’t that what they say? Anyway, I guess this explains my fascination for life’s detours and shortcuts and the obstacles we believe stand in our way.

With courage and curiosity,

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